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[zG] ten A posted Oct 8, 15
is a gaming community looking for some fun, PvE oriented gameplay
in the Star Citizen universe.
We are mature people with jobs and family which is
why we dont take things to serious and real life comes first!
Still, we created a backstory for ZEROGRAVITY that ties in to the Star Citizen lore, announcing a greater goal we want to achieve with the organization.
Feel free to read up on it and get involved!

We are recruiting

[zG] ten A posted Oct 23, 15

We want YOU! Please go here for more information.


[zG] ten A posted Oct 14, 15

ZEROGRAVITY acquired the Armada Package

[zG] John Profit Heartbreaker is a good name hehe
[zG] Masdevallia Ok ZG Heartbreaker it is. I have given it some thought and that's what I think we should call it. The other names...
[zG] ten A Boremac suggested "ZG Heartbreaker" I actually like that!
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[zG] tenwelcome snowflake
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thx a lot for your donations guys
happy birthday HADES !!
late happy bday MAX !!
Happy Birthday Eury !!!!
Thanks buddy!
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